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My iPod Touch no longer responds to touch?

The iPod Touch digitizer has failed and will require replacement.

The 2G and 3G models do not have a camera and the LCD and glass screen are separated. As such individual components can be replaced.

The 4G and 5G models of the iPod Touch have a camera and FaceTime app. The LCD are glass screen are manufactured as a sealed unit so both will require replacement.

To get your no obligation estimate regarding iPod Touch repairs Poole by courier, please call the team or fill in the website form.

My iPod Touch is only playing sound from one headphone and I have tried multiple pairs?

The headphone socket on your iPod Touch is held by pins holding the headphone jack in place. Over time these can break down leading to sound issues as described earlier.

The team offered iPod Touch headphone jack repairs for Poole by a courier pick up and delivery service.

How much is a cracked iPod Touch screen repair for Poole by courier?

The free, no obligation quote given for iPod Touch screen repair Poole under initial enquiry will depend upon the generation.

Please note the team do not sell or buy replacement screens or fix water damaged iPod media players from Dorset.

Do you just offer a fitting only service for Poole iPod Touch repairs by courier?

The team does not provide a fitting only service for iPod Touch repairs covering Poole in Dorset.

There are many inferior parts are avaliable online which do not have the same build quality or finish as one might expect or indeed deserve.

iPod Touch Repairs Poole | applepodfix

The iPod Touch repairs for Poole are professional, speedy and long lasting. All iPod repairs for accidental damage come with a full warranty.

The engineers use grade A replacement parts and specialist equipment in order to achieve a very high standard within the iPod repair industry.

Please call us to arrange Apple iPod Touch repairs Poole by courier. You can also complete the form and we shall get back to you regarding any queries or questions.

iPod Touch Repair Poole

Poole iPod Touch Repair

The iPod Touch is a great gadget not just a music player and can be very much missed if broken or damaged due to general wear and tear or an unfortunate accident.

The team can offer iPod Touch repairs Poole and Dorset by courier or postal service.

The experienced technicians aim to have your faulty item collected, repaired and sent back to your chosen address in Poole within (3-5 working days or sooner (subject to parts availability).

Only the best iPod parts are used for repairs such as screens, buttons, hard drives, lithium batteries and back covers for most models.

The most common iPod Touch repairs are:

• iPod Touch screen repairs
• Headphone jack repairs
• Dock connector repairs
• iPod Touch battery replacement
• Speaker repairs
• Rear camera repairs

Most other hardware and software faults with the iPod Touch can also be repaired by the engineers as well.

All iPod Touch repairs for Poole are completed to the highest possible standard and the engineers provide a full warranty.

Excellent customer service is a key part of the iPod repair service for Poole customers as shown by the recent feedback that the team has received.

If you are having any issues with your iPod Touch in Poole or have damaged it in any way then request a free quote regarding a repair with the experts. Just call us during business hours or use the iPod Touch form.

Recent Testimonials


Score 4.2 out of 5

it wasn"t quite the cheapest quote i received but i was extremely impressed how quickly i was contacted from my original enquiry & i thought the phone call rather than an e-mail gave a personal touch. the lady i spoke to was extremely helpful & knowledgable & that was why i decided to use you rather than the cheaper quote. response to my all my questions was extremely quick & efficient.
overall a first class service & would thoroughly recommend to anyone i know with problems.
after trying the repaired product everything appears to work well & the ipod looks as new.

Score 4.8 out of 5

cannot fault the service i have received, will def use again, many thanks

Score 4.8 out of 5

all good fast response average price - but very trustworthy !!!

Score 4.8 out of 5

very quick to repair the broken headphone jack on my ipod touch at a good price!

Score 4 out of 5

We will automaticaly email you a week after your enquiry on www.applepodfix.co.uk to ask for your feedback.
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